Ian Gouldstone

Cruise Control 2020  (2016)

Raspberry Pi, Software, Projector, Fabric, Fan, Speakers

Cruise Control 2020 is a new work by Ian Gouldstone that brings together his interest in drawing, animation and video games. This video installation uses live simulation to create a non­-repeating yet constant movement. Cars appear to drive toward and then leap from a cliff edge toward a structure containing a hole. Some of the cars make it through, but most fall into the unknown. Included in the space is a fan that adds an element of sound and movement. The walls of the space are loosely draped in a dark fabric which is gently agitated by the air flow. This non­-repeating yet constant movement draws a parallel with the real­time computer­-generated movement represented on the screen. This work continues Gouldstone’s investigation of systems, rules, goals and games within the broader context of his artistic practice.

Games as Art / Art as Games, Metamakers Institute, Falmouth, UK